Participant Registration

Participant registration creates a unique Login ID that allows you to enter the Web site and view your personal account information.

*The red asterisk indicates mandatory fields that must be populated.

Member ID – This is the same as your Social Security Number, unless a nine digit ID has been assigned to you by NWA .
SSN – This is your Social Security Number.
Email ID – This is the Email ID you will use to log in to this Web site.
Confirm Email ID – Same as the Email ID above.
Password – This is a 7 to 12 character password that must contain at least three of the four following items: Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Numbers, Symbols.  This is the password you will use to log in to this Web site.
Confirm Password – Same as the password you created above.
Secret Question – Using the drop-down arrow, choose a secret question that you will be asked if you forget your password.
Secret Answer – This is your answer to the selected secret question.
First Name – Your first name.
Middle Name – Your middle name.
Last Name – Your last name.
Phone Number – Your phone number.
Message Notification – Select Yes to receive alerts to your registered email address whenever a new message is posted on NWA website.Otherwise, select No.
Terms of Use – Agreement to the Terms of Use must be checked before you can register.

Selecting takes you to a page where you can then obtain information regarding your account.